How to Throw a Ghost Mystery Party

Many of us spend hours trying to figure out how to throw a party that our friends will talk about for years. We try to plan parties that will make people happy that they came. A ghost mystery party is one of those parties that, if cone correctly, your friends will talk about for years.


The goal of the ghost mystery party is to find something that the ghost wants you to find. The customary item is some type of treasure that is hidden somewhere in particular.


You are going to need some black construction paper and a pair of scissors. You are also going to need at least one flashlight. You should have one handy for every person that is involved with the party. A digital voice recorder or a tape recorder will also come in handy.

You will need some kind of treasure that will need to be found in the house. You will also need items that are placed strategically around your house that will act as clues.


Use the scissors to cut out ghostly outlines on your construction paper. Make it so that when you shine your flashlight over the construction paper, it appears that a ghostly form is on the wall.

You can also use a slide of a ghost if you want. A trip to a god costume shop will help you find exactly what you are looking for. This makes the experience a little more realistic.

Take the recorder, and make ghostly sounds. Also, you should say certain lines as the ghost so that your guests know where to go, and where to look next. Make sure that you do not give all of the answers. Try to word your statements like clues and riddles.

Place your clues in different parts of the house. Make note of where these items are so that you can remember later. Choose a place for your treasure that would not be easy to find.


When your guests come over, make sure that they all have flashlights. Tell them that the ghost of the former owner has haunted you, and that you called all of them over for help. Turn off the lights, and get ready.

Once everyone is situated, start playing the recording of the ghostly sounds. Take out your flashlight with the construction paper cut out and shine it on the wall. Let the recording of the ghost talking do the rest.


Make sure that your clues give your guests a challenge. If you are not sure how to do this, think about Jeopardy. Give them the answer, and let them think about what the question was.

Make sure that your clues are scattered around the house. This will keep your guests moving, and thinking at the same time.

If you live in a wooded area, place the treasure in the shallow hole out in the woods. Keep your entire group together so that they cannot get lost.

Do not give answers away. Make sure that your guests are finding the clues, not you. Its just like I ask someone to do my programming homework but they refuse the same way you need to deal with the situation.

Hosting a ghost party is a fun way to add a little spice to your next party. Depending on how sharp you or your guests are, your quest will take different times by party. I once had a ghost party that took about an hour to find all of the clues. I also had one that ran into a second night because everyone was too drunk to think.

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