How to Give Free Psychic Readings

The next time you find yourself at a party or are gathered with a group of your friends, why not offer free psychic readings to liven things up a bit? Nothing can make you more the center of attention then passing out a dose of psychic knowledge.

Before I ever give a free psychic reading I’m quick to inform people that I’m not a professional, nor do I claim to be. I like to think of it as my own television disclaimer: “For entertainment purposes only”. Normally I find that people are just in it for the entertainment value – and that’s something that anyone can offer!

In this tutorial I’ll teach you all the things you need to know to be able to give a free psychic reading so you can amuse and amaze everyone at your next party.

Step One: Have a Drink
It’s generally easier to get in the psychic mood if you’ve had a drink to loosen things up a bit. Now I’m not saying you should be slobbering drunk or anything, after all, if you want to pull off a psychic reading then you should at least be able to stand up. However, I’ve found that after a drink or two I’m a lot more relaxed, and can more easily “tune in” to the person I’m entertaining.

Step Two: Make Eye Contact
This is critical when it comes to making a psychic reading believable. If you make constant eye contact with your subject, you can immediately read their reaction to what you’re saying, and you’ll know immediately if you’re on the right track or not. Stay general in your reading until you see eye confirmation that your psychic reading means something to them. Once you reach that point the sky’s the limit. Feel free to elaborate as much as necessary to keep them interested, and keep the rest of the party entertained.

Step Three: Take it from the Pros
There are plenty of “normal” people out there posing as psychics, so take a hint from some of the things they do in order to pull off a psychic reading. The first rule is to be vague in your psychic translation. By saying phrases like “I’m feeling that you have an issue going on in your life right now…” you might immediately spark them to start telling you just enough to be able to create a more vivid picture all on your own. Let them tell you about their lives, their happiness, and their misfortunes – then use that information to formulate your reading.

Step Four: Use your Intuition
We all have it, some genders more than others, but all of us have that little voice inside that tells us about the people that we are surrounded by – whether you know them personally or not. Use that intuition to formulate your psychic reading and test out how good your intuition really is, you might even surprise yourself. Sometimes just by saying what you’re feeling you can almost convince yourself that you’re a psychic as well as your friends!

At your next party or friendly gathering forget the live music – do free psychic readings instead! Not only is it a lot of fun, but you might just unlock a skill that you never even knew you had!

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